The Joyful Life of Günther by Günther Krabbenhöft, Berlin – Germany

Do you know the most fashionable grandpa in the world? That’s Günther Krabbenhöft from #Berlin! Günther loves beauty, chocolate and the colours blue & bordeaux! My girlfriend surprised me with the book by Ari Seth Cohen called „Advanced Love“, where Günther is on the cover. By the way Ari Cohen is well known for his series Advanced Style. My girlfriend said: „One day, we will also be a part of this photo album!“. Love and beauty can be so inspirational, can’t they? Coincides occur since my mom has sent me @Günther Krabbenhöft’s Instagram while I was visiting Berlin. After few exchanged messages Günther Krabbenhöft and I met at the Chocolateria Sünde in Berlin

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