The Double Survivor Shaul Ladany by Shaul, Budapest – Hungary

We are thrilled to announce that this weeks Do You Know meets Makkabi Deutschland e.V.. Shaul Ladany shares his breathtaking and inspirational story with us. He survived the concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen and managed to escape the terrorist attack on the Israeli team during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. We are extremely grateful to have accompanied Shaul during the EMG 2019 in Budapest and proud that Shaul ran the half-marathon for the German Makkabi delegation. Dear Shaul, toda raba for being so positive and courageous! We admire you! Makkabi Chai!

Directed by Leon Spanier

1st Assistent Elisabeth Alexandrovski

Additional Footage by: Jan Barthel & Marek Thomas

Makkabi Germany Media Manager: Mike Samuel Delberg

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