From Mozambique To The World by Kelvin, New York – USA

Hey Friends!
This is our last “Do You Know” video from #NewYork and at this point I would like to thank Kelvin, the protagonist of this video. I met Kelvin on the first day on the roof of our hostel just minutes after entering it. We became friends right away due to our common passion for film. It was a tough decision for me to just fly to New York for 14 days on my own trying to film some people for my series but I guess that meeting Kelvin right in the beginning encouraged me to “do what I came for”. People can influence you in many ways but if you keep a positive mindset about the people you meet you can change the general wellbeing of those you might later call “friend”. Kelvin I am proud to call you friend!
Our goal is to make the world feel a little bit smaller by sharing thoughts among peoples around the globe.
Do You Know is a small media blog filmed by Leon Spanier videographer and his team. Headquartered in Frankfurt, our mission to create and distribute short inspiring films about interesting people who want to share their thoughts and feeling to the great social media audience.

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