Just be nice and smile to do it by Ron, New York – USA

“You never judge a person until you haven’t walked a day in their shoes.” Ron is full of wisdom – we met him on our first day in New York during a walk through Chinatown. I noticed him from about 2 blocks away but I didn’t have the courage to talk to him in the beginning. Then suddenly I decided to walk back a block to ask for his name because I sensed an incredible energy that was coming from him. My simple approach with: “May I ask you for your name” made him laugh and smile at the same time and so we immediatly started shooting together. While editing the video I noticed something incredible. My approach basically is the key to what he is explaining about New York and the magic behind its inhabitants.
Ron thank you so much for sharing your story with us and we think that you contributed greatly to our beginning New York Series 🙂 !
Our goal is to make the world feel a little bit smaller by sharing thoughts among peoples around the globe.
Do You Know is a small media blog filmed by Leon Spanier videographer and his team. Headquartered in Frankfurt, our mission to create and distribute short inspiring films about interesting people who want to share their thoughts and feeling to the great social media audience.

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