Rap am Mittwoch by Ben Salomo, Berlin – Germany

To be successful does not mean to be happy but it’s your choice to make a change…. This is what BEN SALOMO, Israeli-born German rapper, expresses during our shoot for this week‘s Do You Know. Ben Salomo is not only one of the top influencers of the rap scene in Germany but also a good friend of mine. In 2017, we met in Israel after I offered him to shoot a music video for his new single „Es gibt nur einen“ in Jerusalem, a place that we both love. After one successful music video, came another and since the very beginning we have become good friends. Somehow, the discussion about the moral compass in our lives and how to choose the right path have always been part of our fruitful discussions. And now, Ben Salomo shares his thoughts about his life, happiness and career with you! Watch his newest music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWuAe… #ram #rap #bensalomo

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